Institute Of Untaxable Wealth presents:

Untaxed Retirement Income Plan Strategies

Why haven't I ever heard

about this before?

Posted: April 16, 2024

Institute Of Untaxable Wealth presents:

Untaxed Retirement Income Plan

Discover The Secret to Pocketing 10%, 20%, 30% (or more) of your 401(k) savings by slashing your tax rate on your existing 401(k) plan"

Why haven't I ever heard

about this before?

Posted: April 16, 2024

Because of the excuses the financial services industry has made, today fewer than 0.09% of savers have an untaxed "U-RIP" Plan — while over half of Americans contribute to a “tax deferred” 401(k) or “capped contribution” Roth IRA.

Complaints Savers Have About Tax Deferred 401(k)’s:

  • You owe taxes on compounding growth (the minute you access the funds)

  • You take all the risk because neither the growth or principal is guaranteed (because most 401(k)s expose you to a potentially volatile stock market)

  • Your savings are virtually trapped until you decide to retire (and accessing sooner than 59 1/2 can be penalized up to 10% and that’s in addition to the taxes owed).

Complaints Savers Have About Roth IRA’s:

  • You’ll pay taxes now, and get both your contributions and gains tax-free, but...

  • You’ll only be able to save up to $6,000 per year, limiting its potential

  • You’ll take the risk of getting caught in volatile markets, because your savings aren’t guaranteed - true of most 401(k)s as well

  • Your savings are virtually trapped until age 59 1/2, (unless you want to pay a 10% early withdrawal penalty and potentially taxes on the gain)

  • You can’t put funds you have withdrawn back in the plan… you can only make new contributions which are limited

With an Untaxed U-RIP Strategy:

  • You’ll never have to pay taxes on your gains, Period. (This 100% legal plan must be set up and used correctly to be compliant with the current IRS tax-code.)

  • You’ll decide how much you want to save… not the IRS. (Because there are no contribution limits)​

  • You’ll never have to report the “income” to the IRS. (The IRS doesn’t classify it as “income” when accessed properly from this plan)

  • You’ll sleep well because it comes with a Guarantee. (When U-RIPs are created, the potential growth is locked in & guaranteed for 12 months - last year, it was common to have earned between 3-7%)

  • Your funds are 100% accessible if or when you need them. (Your funds - both deposited & earned in the plan can be tapped into any time you want - without tax penalties (when used correctly) because the IRS does not classify it as “income”)

And the uses for a plan like this are virtually unlimited...


This Sounds “Too Good To Be True!”  Is It Real?

Yes. It’s as real as the earth beneath your feet...

In fact, a Plan like U-RIP isn’t a new plan at all.

Plans similar to these have been used by wealthy individuals, business owners, and families for over a century to build, then transfer vast fortunes in a legally untaxed setting. 

The big elephant in the room is...

Is An Untaxed Retirement Income Plan Available For You Today?

A U-RIP is COMMONLY used by the super-rich…but you don’t need to be super-wealthy to qualify

Caution: a plan like this can technically only be established if you qualify for it.

Even if you love your 401(k), a U-RIP can be the secret weapon that helps you to slash your taxes in retirement, allowing you to pocket 10%, 20%, 30% (or more) in additional spendable retirement income.

To see if you qualify, complete the quiz below:

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